Support Manufacturing Education - Engineering Technology Degree Programs


Support Manufacturing Education - Engineering Technology Degree Programs

Why Engineering Technology?

Engineering Technology Scholarships Sponsored by Manufacturers

The Central Louisiana Manufacturing Manager’s Council is partnering with the Northwestern State University Foundation to establish a scholarship program to benefit students from 10 central Louisiana parishes who pursue an applied engineering degree in engineering technology at Northwestern State. Manufacturers in the region are encouraging more high school students to pursue careers in engineering technology, where jobs are available as equipment technologists, quality control technologists, process control programmers and other applied engineering roles. Northwestern State offers one of the few four-year technical manufacturing curriculums in central Louisiana.

Engineering Technology provides two degree paths

A degree in Engineering Technology prepares students for a wide range of applied engineering career fields from oil and gas production to traditional manufacturing; from wood product harvest and processing to medical technology support in hospital and research environments. The salaries for either path average $45,000 and range from $30,000 to $100,000 including benefits. Northwestern State's two Bachelor of Science degrees are Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) and Industrial Engineering Technology (IET). They primarily center around physical processes management.



The NSU Industrial Engineering Technology Program is the only one of its kind in Louisiana. IET students learn to develop, implement, and improve integrated manufacturing systems that include materials, facilities, operations, personnel, costs, and information. They learn to use appropriate analytical and computational procedures to create efficient and effective integrated systems. CURRENTLY, ONLY TEN FOUR-YEAR IET PROGRAMS ARE ABET ACCREDITED NATIONWIDE.


EET STUDENTS GET INTERNSHIPS! Students learn to analyze, test, build, operate, and maintain electronic systems. Students will also manage, maintain, and install low voltage/power systems, automation, and controls. Opportunities for work experience through internships are available with most of these companies: Alliance Compressors, AT&T, Boise Wood Products, Crest Operations, Dresser, GE Medical Equipment, Gilchrist Construction, Haliburton, International Paper, Lufkin Industries, RoyOMartin, Shaw Industries, and Weyerhaeuser.


ET GRADUATES GET JOBS!  Even when times are tough and the economy is down, graduates of the ET programs at NSU are sought after by employers. Even today, new employers are contacting the department in hopes of getting resumes from graduating seniors. The Department of Engineering Technology is a University of Louisiana Area of Excellence.

We Need Your Help!

With the continued strong investment in new manufacturing facilities and modernizing existing manufacturing operations in Central Louisiana, it is critical to strengthen our workforce development efforts focused on manufacturing. This focus includes university degree programs in the region associated with manufacturing. The NSU Engineering Technology curriculum connects clearly with manufacturing as evidenced by the placement of graduates from this program. Our desire is to put in place steps to increase the student enrollment over the next 4 years from 163 students and move to the 250 – 300 student enrollment level. To accomplish this increase, the expectation is that the students from the CLEDA(Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance) region will increase from 69 to 150 students with high school representation increasing from 49% to 80% of the high schools in the region. The parishes that will be represented are Allen, Avoyelles, Catahoula, Concordia, Grant, LaSalle, Natchitoches, Rapides, Vernon, and Winn. For a complete list of eligible schools, please click HERE.

We would like to communicate and market the NSU Engineering Technology program to each community and each high school in Central Louisiana during the 2013/2014 school year. To accomplish this effort, we would like to offer at least one NSU Engineering Technology scholarship to each of the 51 high schools in this region, starting with the 2014/2015 school year.

Manufacturers, businesses, and individuals are asked to contribute funds to the NSU Foundation through the Central La. Manufacturing Manager’s Council designated for a graduating high school senior with: (1) preference from a specific high school; or (2) preference from any high school in a specific parish. NSU will match the scholarship award.  If a specific match cannot be made, the preference will be moved into a general category.  The desire is to offer up to 51 - $1,000 scholarships for one year for an incoming freshman. In addition, up to 5 - $1,000 scholarships will be offered from our council for upper-class students successfully completing coursework in the NSU Engineering Technology program. The potential contribution needed for these 56 scholarships is $56,000 with $28,000 from manufacturers and $28,000 from NSU.

Any level of contribution is appreciated. For contributions less than $1,000, the funds will be pooled together with a $1,000 scholarship given in the name of the Central La. Manufacturing Council and the NSU Foundation. For contributions of $1,000 or more, the scholarship is given in the name of the company or individual and the NSU Foundation. All companies or individuals providing scholarship funds will be recognized in CLEDA and NSU Foundation communications.

Future NSU Students

If any future NSU students would like to apply for these scholarships, please click HERE. Make sure to include your engineering major in the application process.

Giving Levels and Donors

$0 - $499---------------Bronze Level

$500 - $999------------Silver Level
(Mike & Becky Wolff)

$1,000 + ---------------Gold Level
(Beta Engineering, CP-Tel, DIS-TRAN Steel, DIS-TRAN Compact Substations, Weyerhaeuser Dodson Lumber, & Weyerhaeuser Natchitoches)

Payment Options

To Contribute Online, click the "Donate" button below.

To be invoiced or to fill out a paper document, click HERE for a Word document or HERE for a pdf version.

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